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Season of fire. Season of harvest.
The night slowly opens to a hallowed moon.

Is the vivid display of red and gold sitting in the tree tops a celebration of life and all its creations, or perhaps a fitting testament to the beauty found in decay.

When the first leaves begin to fall, I am abruptly reminded of everything that I wished to achieve. It felt, as always, like Summer would last forever. The tide has turned, and the Earth now begins to let go of all it once was. Autumns first lesson is surely that all must come to an end. As the warmth of our star retreats, I am drawn closer to the fire. The leaves that fall around me at night betray the forests footsteps as it creeps towards my fire. I can hear it moving closer, preparing for the coming winter. Burying itself, in hope of Spring.

Autumn is the third instalment of four EP's that will be released in sync with the Earth's seasons as they progress. At the end of the year they will be combined into the full album, Wildflowers.

These cassette EP's have been printed in very limited numbers and won't be printed again. They are exclusive to their own season of the album.

Wildflowers: Autumn
1. Where they once were
2. The trees knew not of me then
3. Moonfall
4. We set their bodies free in the cold river
5. What we hid in the night
6. Fire promises guidance
7. Fate

As always I have written, recorded and mixed these myself.
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