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How did it ever come to this?

Winter hides behind it’s veil. It’s face is still, yet trembling limbs betray the unsettled nature of this season. Will the whole Earth slip away into a cold, lifeless end? Or is there something more beyond that veil?
I now come to think of Autumn as a knife that was thrust into Summer, opening a wound which poured the red and gold lifeblood onto the forests floor. If Autumn was indeed the knife and wound in Summer’s ripe flesh, then Winter is the bones now left exposed, the raw skeleton that not only reveals the true landscape and architecture of our forests, but also remnants of the ancient nature found within ourselves.

I feel myself decay. The space between notes has become so fragile. I dare not break the frail silence. It is strange to consider, but it feels like I’m regaining memories, as if I have remembered who I truly am, and was before. Maybe there are bigger shifts within ourselves through the seasons than I had ever cared to consider. I feel akin to the winter trees, bare and with little to give. Perhaps my mind has buried myself in hope of Spring. I have mentioned before that I was born with a heavy heart, and I would consider this season to be full of sorrow, but I feel numb. The season has frozen my mourning. But there are moments when I begin to thaw, and if I shall, then I would flood the starlit forests with my song.

Winter is the fourth and final instalment of EP's that have been released in accordance with the Earth's seasons.

These cassette EP's have been printed in very limited numbers and won't be printed again. They are exclusive to their own season of the album.

Wildflowers: Winter
1. Bereft
2. Murmurations above me
3. Owls through snowfall
4. Wreaths of hoarfrost
5. The moon belongs to all and none
6. They leave no trace
7. Mercy

As always I have written, recorded and mixed these myself.
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