• Image of Wildflowers: Summer - Cassette

Seas of new wildflowers bloom, making me wonder if Winter was every truly here.
Natures work seems to have order in these months, everything has it’s own place and purpose.
Maybe nature has more time to work during its long days, but in turn, I have less in the short-lived nights. They only serve to make my time beneath the stars that much sweeter though; the nights of summer are as ripe as its fruit.
As day lingers, I’m treated to a sky that unveils every shade of blue until the Earth is calm enough for night to settle.
I find that the music I have translated for Summer has a certain energy that I struggle to describe. Maybe it is hope? In Winter, Summer seems to only be a dream. To live within that which was thought impossible gives hope to all else.

Summer is the second instalment of four EP's that will be released in sync with the Earth's seasons as they progress. At the end of the year they will be combined into the full album, Wildflowers.

These cassette EP's have been printed in very limited numbers and won't be printed again. They are exclusive to their own season of the album.

Wildflowers: Summer
1. Light, sing to me
2. Where morning breaks over the pines
3. I have no stars left to wish upon
4. Even in dreams
5. You will never shine as bright as the moon
6. I remember
7. Sunlit rest

As always I have written, recorded and mixed these myself.
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